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Career in Digital marketing

If you want to sell a product, you need to showcase it to a crowd. Your potential customers are out there, in the crowd.  And, gone are those days when the crowd could be found scanning newspapers, magazines or watching television.

Today, the crowd lives on the Internet.  This massive migration of crowd from newspapers and television to the Internet gave birth to Digital Marketing. Ever since its birth, there has been no stopping for the growth of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing gave rise to hundreds of career. It changed millions of lives. It spread, like a wildfire, from the technology giants to developing nations like ours.

Digital Marketing Popularity

 What is Digital Marketing? 

Before going in-depth about digital marketing, let’s take a look at the difference between IT and marketing. They are often misinterpreted as synonyms. You, of all people, should be clear about that.

Take momos for example. The process of cooking momo is similar to IT whereas the process of eating momo is similar to marketing.

IT and Marketing

The stuffings, quality, and preparation of your product falls under IT department whereas the way you serve momo, decorate your service outlet, advertise your momo fall under marketing.

Because remember, people need to know about your momo. They need to find something special in your momo. They should choose your momo out of 1000 momos in the town. That’s exactly what digital marketing aims to do: make more people fall in love with your momo.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time online.

So, what exactly are digital tactics and channels?

Digital Marketing Channels

They are the medium/sites where you promote your product.  Most widely used channels are Facebook, Google, Youtube, Gmail,  Twitter, and Instagram.

Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Tactics

They are the methods you deploy on digital marketing channels to promote your product. The tactics can help you outstrip your competitors. Let’s have a look at them:

1) Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of increasing the visibility of your website or webpage on a web search engine. It is about ranking your website higher in the search results. This tactic does not demand your investment.

Search Engine Optimization includes use of suitable keywords, editing content, adding content, and modifying HTML to rank your website high in search engine results page.


2) Search Engine Marketing/ PPC ads

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing tactic where you have to pay a publisher (typically, search engine owner, website owner) for each click on your ad.

You have to bid on keyword phrases typically relevant to your target audience.


3) Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves planning and creating content for your target audience to solve their problems.

You have to attract visitors by the power of exciting, trustworthy content, engage them and convert them into customers.  If you manage to keep them happy, they will be established as your long-term customers.

Content Marketing

4) Social Media Marketing

It is the use of social media platforms to market your products or service. It is an amazing way to reach your target audience as everyone is on social media.

5) Other tactics

Other digital marketing tactics include affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, video marketing, and mobile marketing.

Career Options In Digital Marketing

Tactics demand expertise. Each of the four major tactics demands expertise of their own and thus give rise to various career options.

Let’s have a look at the available career options in digital marketing:

1) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides a lot of opportunities for those who want to get in the field of digital marketing. On the upside, it comes with hefty remuneration.

Job Description Average Salary/month
SEO Director 50K-90K / even more
SEO Trainer 30K-60K / even more
SEO Manager 20K-50K
SEO Account Manager 15K-25K
SEO Technician 15K-30K
SEO Consultant Business Oriented
SEO Specialist 15K-30K
SEO Strategist 15K-30K
SEO Analyst 13K-25K
SEO Executive 13K-25K
SEO Trainee Paid and unpaid


2) Search Engine Marketing

Job Description Average Salary/month
PPC Manager 30K-70K
PPC Expert 20K-30K
PPC Specialist 15K-20K
PPC Strategist 15K-20K


3) Content Writing/Marketing

Job Description Average Salary/month
Content Manager 30K-50K
Content Strategist 20K-40K


4) Social Media Marketing

Job Description Average Salary/month
Social Media Manager 15K-50K
Social Media Intern Paid and unpaid


5) Digital Marketing

Job Description Average Salary/month
Digital Marketing Manager 50K-1.5L
Digital Marketing Consultant Business Oriented
Digital Marketing Expert 20K-50K
Digital Marketing Trainer 40K-1L
Digital Marketing Specialist 20K-50K
Digital Marketing Strategist 20K-30K
Digital Marketing Analyst 15K-25K
Digital Marketing Executive 13K-20K
Digital Marketing Trainee Paid and unpaid


With this wide range of options available, you might think there must be serious qualifications required to secure the jobs. That’s not the case here; in digital marketing,  passion matters the most.

And to complement your passion, you should have a thorough knowledge of digital marketing or in any specific digital marketing channel/tactics you are applying for.

Growth Of Digital Marketing

” If you don’t put your business on the Internet then your business will be out of business.” -Bill Gates

To shed light on this topic in the context of Nepal, let’s take a look at the increasing trend of internet penetration in Nepal.

Internet penetration-

As you can see, access to the internet is increasing rapidly and so is the need for digital marketing. Remember, marketing follows the crowd. And the graph tells us that the Nepalese crowd also has made the Internet its home.

The Kathmandu Post and Muncha House understood exactly that when they started and .

Increased Digital Presence

Now, putting a business on the Internet is not a big deal.  The big deal is putting it on the top of the internet. And without digital marketing, it’s next to impossible.

For example, look at the food industry now. It’s not only Foodmandu that’s on the Internet.  Food industries like Bhok Lagyo, Food Mario, and many more are on the Internet now. They want to be noticed, that too well ahead of their competitors. To get the precious attention, they are willing to hire the best for their digital marketing team.

It’s the same in media, travel, e-commerce,  and other companies.   The competition is fierce and nobody wants to leave any stone unturned. In fact, nobody wants to leave the most important thing unturned: Digital Marketing.

They’ll go for the best.

So, be prepared.

The Challenge

It’s easier said than done. The challenges manifest in the form of lack of awareness and knowledge gap. We, at Elance Academy, aim to help you in fill up the gap.

If you want to know more about courses in digital marketing, click here.

Find Your Career in Digital Marketing

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